Art and Lyrics

by Kate Brulé
“Garden Bridge” oil on canvas


Here in Boston, the Gardens offer a beautiful oasis in the middle of a busy and hectic city. In this space, one almost feels lost in another time. I feel inspired in this garden.



The Stars” acrylic on canvas

The Stars 1

                                  I just want to wait for you,
                                                                   I just want to see this through,
                                                                                               No one else could take me to
                                                                                                                                                The Stars ****




“Nat Geo Girl” oil on canvas

Nat Geo Portrait

Probably one of the most famous portrait photos in history, this image tells a million stories in one snapshot. The girl is haunting and mysterious, yet beautiful and raw. I couldn’t help but paint her.




“Waiting for the Storm to Pass”  oil on canvas

You Are My Hiding Place

This was painted of the floating bridge in Brookfield, VT on a stormy summer day. Even as the storm approaches, the girl stands tall, trusting that the umbrella and trees will protect her. So often, our only choice is to hang onto hope and brace for the storms of life.




“The Bay Town” oil on canvas

The Bay Town

“You want to stay, you want to stay safe, tucked in the Bay Town,
So lay it on the ground, and wait for the trade out,
Roll away, roll away wave, take it away now
Away from the Bay Town, away from the bay”  -The Bay Town





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