Kate Brulé began her musical career as a singer/songwriter in the backdrop of small-town Vermont. With generations of her family deeply rooted in music, she cultivated a passion and appreciation for many genres. From holiday jam sessions to road-trip sing-alongs, she learned the beauty of musical expression. Around the age of twelve, Kate ventured out to create her own melodies. She enjoyed exploring and discovering new ways to use her voice. At fifteen she began teaching herself guitar to accompany the songs she composed. 


“It’s the one thing I can do where I lose total awareness of time passing, which is honestly a miracle for someone as impatient as myself,” she explains.


During college, she joined Boston’s music scene and slowly went public with her songs. Her style is ever-evolving, and hard to pin down. She touches upon acoustic folk-pop, with slightly bluesy undertones. Her lyrics are playful and tangible, allowing the listener to immerse themselves in the story and experience the songs as their own. She has been compared to artists such as Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, and Jason Mraz.  

Kate plays at various venues in the Boston area. She has been featured at The Middle East, PA’s Lounge, and at various fundraising events. Her first EP, “Laced with Love,” was released in Fall 2014. It features five original songs that are available online at


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